Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where are you now?

Master of Music

Tamaris Pfeiffer
Hamish Tait

Bachelor of Music (Honours)

John Morley
Renee Hussey
Peter Scully

Bachelor of Music

Paul hung
Alexander Lehmann
Kylie Meares
Cory Olsen
Jillian Stirling
Hayley Sugars
Hwee Teh
Melinda Van Der Meulen
Jaime Ward


Anonymous said...

Hi, Hamish Tait here. A great Blog Amanda! A good way to track everyone. I am currently the Director of the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in Wagga Wagga. I have been here for six years.

Anonymous said...

Not Hwee Teh, but Elsa Teh Hwee Yeen

Anonymous said...

Melinda has return to Tmba!! So pls update her if you can!

Anonymous said...

Peter got marry! Have a kid already!

Amanda said...

I'll try to move the content across to Facebook and hope more people find it and update.